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Are your sites mobile-friendly?

Given that Google has already penalized the sites that are not mobile-friendly, there is no better time to make an update to your website than now if you already have not done so.  More people today use their mobile devices to search a business and it is prudent to make the update so that you can position yourself for success in online marketing.


The famous quote from one of the sales gurus, Zig Zigler, communicates with us how important it is to transfer emotions if we are pitching anything.  Web sites that look outdated with old HTML feel easily turn people off before they can see your service/products.  It does not transfer any positive emotions like inspiring or uplifting but only let people know that website looks impoverished.  Young millennials and other tech-savvy generation users value aesthetics and functions of a website more than anything else.  If I found a local dentist on my mobile for an emergency treatment, I’d like to see the call-to-action button (like a phone number with hyperlink) in the highly visible place on the website.  Otherwise, I’d have to take a pen and paper to write the phone number first and then make a call.  The non-mobile desktop site is very hard to navigate on mobile devices and it can cause frustration for users, which means the reduced conversion rate.

The responsive design of the website is a smart move that all business should strive to make happen.  Responsive designing means that it displays the website properly depending on what kind of devices users would use.  Regardless of whether users use Android or Apple products, smartphones or tablets, users are happy to see your website showing clearly without any glitch or misconfiguration.

Portland Mobile-friendly SEO

Mobile-Friendly Website Is the Norm.  AMP Is the Future Norm.

The article from Tech Crunch offers some insights how this mobile-friendly update moves forward in the future.  If you are following Google for some time, you probably heard about AMP project.  AMP Project stands for accelerated mobile page project and this is something Google pushes for the greater global community.  Local businesses that have already embraced mobile-friendly sites want to pursue AMP to push forward their pages and posts in Google.  Currently, all top Google stories we can find in Google are AMP optimized and they display AMP with lightning mark.

Simply put, AMP HTML is a subset of HTML with only specific JavaScript “components” available.  This is for creating “reading” content, rather than anything.  It is already designed to have d units included and is going to standardize the way of including analytics code, but it drastically limits the use of JavaScript.  You can see more information here in https://www.ampproject.org/

We do sell in every day of our life, don’t we?  We are pitching prospects to create a win/win/win situation all the time.   After all, mobile-friendly websites and AMP implementation are the efforts to win as many people as possible.  In order to compete and win the market, you would like to consider implementing AMP for your business to push out information as fast and widely as possible.

Please contact us if you need a help implementing mobile-friendly site or AMP project.

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