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Content marketing has quickly become the buzz word among business world in the past 5 years.  In fact, you can see in Google Trends that the keyword “content marketing” keeps rising to this day.


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But when asked among business owners and executives about the priorities in marketing, content marketing falls behind compared to other marketing methods.  Why?


It simply takes too much time.  Building contents does not happen over night, and it feels like we don’t know where to begin.


Have you been there before?


It is our human nature to want what we want now.  Especially, in this day and age where everything has to be delivered instantaneously, we can hardly wait for the fruits of our labor.  Short attention span.  Little patience.


For this reason, business owners/CEOs often understand the value of building contents, yet hesitate to device a plan to actually create them.


“You must have 85 leads this month.  Out of the 85 leads, you must have 9 sales this month.”  That’s the typical sales quota in sales department.  See, when we focus on the bottom line, we become short-sighted, forgetting the big picture and dismissing opportunities to provide value today.


From SEO standpoint, I would like to share 3 benefits of content marketing with you in hopes to inspire you to start creating valuable contents today and build a lasting business.


1. Content is value proposition


An excellent content writer can produce articles that are worthy to share.
People share articles not necessarily because they are well written, but because they find it useful and take something out the articles. Sharing is all value-driven.


What are you offering through your business? Why are your offerings so compelling?  What inspires readers to take an action? What causes the “want” in your customers?
With the goal of sales close in mind, you can build blog contents to provide value to your audience right where you are without making sales pitch. People are drawn to your passion and want to hear more about the value you provide.


If you provide a piece of valuable advice through media, you have already created reasons for people to come to your site.
value proposition

Once you get into the rhythm of the content building, you will quickly identify your KPI (key performance indicator) and discover how best you can monetize the leads.


Some examples to provide value through blogging:

– Teaching Topics/Sharing Insights
– Product Reviews
– Service Reviews


2. Content increases social influence

In any medium, whether it’s blogging or video blogging, contents shared in social media have the power to bring traffic to your website.


Once social media started talking about your business like we say “buzz” or “viral,” the traffic goes up exponentially, and it is a surreal feeling. You will quickly gain the title as an “expert,”

Here’s an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54c5M2IrX0I

Mike Stelzner founded this very famous social media website, Social Media Examiner.
The blog post featuring various social media experts made a hit, and Technorati featured his site as one of the top business blogs in the world. There are many creative ways to attract readers, and you will gain social influence over time as the contents get shared by visitors.


Another good example is: https://www.buzzfeed.com/tasty

Buzzfeed’s well-known Tasty video campaign on Facebook is quickly becoming one of the most reviewed sites for cooking receipts. The power of video marketing is in full scale as people share the videos on Facebook.

Any given video has more than 5 million views. The good content with visual aesthetics gives people confidence in sharing.

Portland Tasty







3. Content helps SEO and acts like a sales funnel.

The contents you create for an audience do not only present value proposition or build social influence, but also helps your website SEO.


I hope this will be your biggest takeaway from this article.


The keywords, title tags, H1 tags you label in the posts help your particular article associated with relevant keywords and improves overall SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).


Remember, Google does not read like a human does. Google can only sort out, prioritize, categorize and align your contents with its ranking algorithm.

The more keywords and relevant contents you put on your site help Google recognize what your business is about.
Your Sales Funnel
When your blog posts rank with related keywords and create traffic, the relevancy meter goes up with the association between the keyword and your domain. You will be identified as an authority figure for the topic and gain some trust from Google. Think about the contents are your sales funnel. The more audience you bring through the funnel, the more will likely purchase your service or products.

The fact that people come to your site through blogging or video posted on YouTube already proves that you cause someone to take actions.


Once you bring traffic to your site, you would like to scheme the site layout for maximum conversion. You can see the user flow on your website with Google Analytics, which I can cover in another post.


You never stop creating contents once you understand the value of sales funnel. You never stop improving SEO once a good amount contents are loaded up on your website. That’s how you can scale your sales through online.


I shared with you the three benefits of content marketing.
Now is a good time to start building contents for your business.
See you until the next time!
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